1. good, just, fair, impartial, equitable, reasonable; righteous, upright, virtuous, moral, ethical; honorable, noble, high-minded, scrupulous, principled, right-minded; honest, Inf. square, Inf. fair and square, straightforward, aboveboard, open.
2. correct, Inf. on the mark, on target, Inf. right on, Sl. spot on; on the button, on the dot, Inf. on the nose, Sl. on the beam; unerring, certain, sure, positive, fixed; absolute, unfailing, infallible, inerrable.
3. accurate, exact, precise, close, faithful, strict; flawless, faultless, perfect, defectless, errorless, iner-rant; factual, actual, literal, true to life; authentic, real, sound, valid; true, truthful, veracious.
4. sound, normal, rational, sober, sane; lucid, clear, logical, sensible, reasonable; competent, responsible, accountable.
5. healthy, healthful, well, fine, good, in the pink, in good health or spirits; fit, trim, in fine fettle, fit as a fiddle; robust, hale, vigorous, hearty, hardy, strong, energetic.
6. straight, in proper order, in good order or condition.
7. desirable, preferable, favorable, propitious, auspicious, promising, fortunate, opportune; convenient, suitable, appropriate, advantageous, beneficial; proper, Fr. comme il faut. fit, fitting, befitting, meet, apt, correct; seemly, becoming.
8. genuine, authentic, real, actual, true, rightful; lawful, legitimate, legal, licit.
9. dextral, dexter, on the right side, right-hand; right-handed, dexterous.
10. straight, direct, rectilinear, linear, lineal; straight as an arrow, in a beeline, as the crow flies.
11. just claim, title, privilege, prerogative; authority, power, liberty, freedom, license; due, birthright, heritage, inheritance.
12. goodness, justness, justice, fairness, impartiality, equity, equitableness, reasonableness; righteousness, uprightness, integrity, virtuousness, virtue, rectitude, morality; honorableness, truth, truthfulness, nobleness, nobility, high-mindedness, scrupulousness, right-mindedness; honesty, honestness, Inf. straightforwardness, openness.
13.(usu. all of property) interest, concern, portion, share, part, stake; holding, possession, ownership.
14. accuracy, accurateness, exactness, exactitude, precision, preciseness; closeness, fidelity, faithfulness, conformity; truth, veracity, verity, veritableness; fact, actuality, factuality, literalness; authenticity, validity, validness; flawlessness, inerrancy, faultlessness, perfection.
15. correctness, unerringness, inerrableness, infalli-bleness, unfailingness; absoluteness, certainty, sureness, positiveness, definiteness, fixedness.
16. by rights in fairness, justly, fairly, equitably, honestly.
17. straight, directly; in a straight line, in a beeline, as the crow flies.
18. quite, completely, entirely, totally, wholly, all the way.
19. immediately, promptly, quickly, instantly.
20. exactly, precisely, just.
21. rightfully, lawfully, legitimately, legally, licitly; uprightly, righteously, virtuously, morally, ethically; honorably, nobly, high-mindedly, scrupulously, right-mindedly.
22. correctly, accurately, properly, suitably, fittingly, befittingly, appropriately, aptly.
23. advantageously, beneficially, favorably, well, propitiously, fortunately, auspiciously, opportunely.
24. right and left on every side, from all directions, one after another.
25. right away or off straight off or away, point-blank; immediately, promptly, at once, forthwith, without delay, Sl. pronto, instantly, right this minute, on the spot; quickly, swiftly, apace, speedily, summarily, before you can say "Jack Robinson," before you can turn around.
26. correct, set right, make right, set or make straight, redress, rectify; amend, emend, remedy, straighten out, fix, repair; doctor, curé, mend, touch up; improve, better, ameliorate, meliorate; reform, restore, rehabilitate, readjust; adjust, alter, change, modify.
27. do justice to, avenge, vindicate, take vengeance for; repay, requite, retaliate, get back at, revenge.

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